How to Create a Simple Website just for student register

nidhin 02 Aug 2018 5 Comments

A website is a collection of related web pages located under a single domain name. And webapp is a website that has interaction with users.Domain name is used to uniquely identify your website form the global network , or it is a name given to an ip address. So to create a website we need a domain name , we need to pay some money to register domain name but there are so many company gives free sub domain names ,for just testing and studying purpuse we can use it.So Create a free account on 000webhost

Create First Web page

So now you have registerd on 000Webhost and have a domain name like Now login to your account and click on the file manager then click upload files now. There you can see a .htaccess file under the public_html folder. Click on the New File and create a new file with name "index.html". index.html will be selected as the default page of your site

Now copy this code index.html download from here to your index.html file . . and now visit your site you can see a login and register form. next we need to make a php file called reginster.php to save the data entered in the register form.

Create Your First PHP page

We need a data base and a table to save the details. so click on the manage database tab in the 000webhost then click New Database. Create a new database with any name just like envc_db , and give username and password , after that click create button. Now you can see the DB Name , DB User and DB Host, click on the manage and then goto phpmyadmin . now you need to create a table , so select your database and type name of your table eg: users , and 4 coluns .as shown in the image create table then like this , don't forget to tick the AI for the user_id colun table

php code

Now copy this php code or download the php code to your register.php file , and change db name , db username and password according to your , Now you can see when ever a user register it is inserted to the table users .

You have created your first website with a registration form. now you can see the registed users on the table image

Thank you for reading, if you have any doubts please contact me on

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Nidhin T T

Aug 02,2018

This blog was created for my friend Owusu Jacob , and i don't get enough time so it's not a perfect one.



Aug 02,2018

Its realy awesome, it worked for me , can you please show how to login and see the registerd users?


Athira k Chinnu

Oct 07,2018

It is so helpful and supportive for my Project work, Thank you so much.-_-


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